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Dear all,

As I was pondering about how to convey what was in my mind and I stumbled upon this wonderful good old narration about “The Chinese Bamboo” that drives my point home. I would like to share with you what is in my mind. Lets begin.

The Chinese bamboo is a unique species whose seed does not sprout like other seeds, in a matter of few days or weeks. This particular seed takes a longer time to germinate.

Farmers dig holes in the ground, and plant its seed in rows and mark all the spots where they plant the seed. It is important to do so because they need to water the spot, fertilize it and tend the soil, without seeing any sign of growth for days, weeks and years.

All they have is their hope and belief that their labour will bear fruit one day. Their faith is vindicated when in the fifth year something amazing happens.

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Rev. Fr. Stanley Ignatius SDB

“If you can dream it, you can achieve it.”

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