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Dear Parents,

I know it’s an odd question to ask you and not your kids but still I wanted to ask you. “Have you ever played a video game?”

We are bit outdated when it comes to video games whereas our children are experts in this arena. We prefer to sit and watch them playing with our eyes wide open rather than trying to play and get stuck at the same level again and again.

I would like to draw my message out of this to all of us.

Life is like a brand new video game. As you play, you need to unlock the future so does our life unfolds before us as we live every moment. Life is full of surprises just like a video game. Sometimes its interesting to play and we are eagerly looking forward to unlock the future levels immediately. Every level has got its difficulty level and its own treasures to gather on the go. As you play, you get protected, you get more lives, you build more. So does in life, nature and nurture are so conducive that we enjoy living our livesRead More

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Rev. Fr. Stanley Ignatius SDB

“He who conquers his anger conquers a strong enemy.”

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